Remembrance Ranch

CONNECT – We work with each teen’s family, school and community to help create a stable and cohesive environment for positive change and growth.

TREAT – We provide therapy during our Wilderness Adventure Ranch through many avenues such as individual, group, equine and recreational therapy. We work with each teen through his individualized treatment plan.

EDUCATE – During our Wilderness Adventure Ranch (W.A.R.) we provide horsemanship training, basic Entrepreneurial training (Leadership, Team building, Interpersonal Skills, etc.), Christian coaching, Good Health and Good Nutrition teaching, and more.

The 365-day therapy-based program exists to transform the lives of struggling teenagers and their families. The program is designed for families with youth 11-14 years old and is experienced in three phases.  


 CONNECTS, EDUCATES, TREATS, ADVOCATES, and REMINDS  the teens in our program - assisting them to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to become successful adults. Our program helps teens develop resilience to overcome and be strengthened by challenges in their lives. 

We believe youth change naturally when they are removed from the comforts of home and placed into a natural outdoor-centric camp environment, free from any negative influences that may have produced self-defeating, reckless or destructive behavior.  Our Wilderness Adventure Ranch gives teens an opportunity to ponder their lives, take responsibility for past choices and prepare to begin anew. At Remembrance Ranch, we believe experiential learning provides a break-through opportunity where teens can form healthy relationships with God, their peers, our staff and God’s creation.

Remembrance Ranch recognizes the irreplaceable role that parents/guardians play in the lives of their children. For this reason, Remembrance Ranch requires parent/guardian participation in every teen’s treatment. Their involvement directly effects their teens’ success during and after the program.

Our staff helps these families face a variety of challenges. Collaborating with families at home, it is our desire to build self-awareness and gain a clearer understanding of the families’ strengths and weaknesses.  Our goal is to stabilize the home environment so that the families are able to help their teen to the best of their ability to continue to make positive changes.

Remembrance Ranch also understands the important role that school and community play in the lives of teens.  This is the reason why our staff collaborates with each teen’s school and local community to keep him engaged and get him plugged in.

Our program cannot change life circumstances for these teens and does not force them to make better choices.  But, by creating an on-going support network between our staff, their families, their schools and their local communities – we work together to support, encourage, and care for them.  This “wrap-around” support helps them build the resilience to overcome their circumstances and make positive and healthy life choices.  

REMIND – We provide numerous events and opportunities for our teens to remember throughout the program year all the amazing things they accomplished, the relationships they built and practice the skills that they learned. 

ADVOCATE - We provide monthly in-home and in-school case management during our Aftercare phase of our program.